What The Fudge Am I Doing?

Below is a diary entry I made last year and its is why I’m starting to write this blog. I’m in a bit of a better place now. My hormones have settled down a lot, I feel more like myself but I’m not pregnant.

6 August 2016

  • I hate the pill and specifically I hate what it has done to my body now that I’ve stopped taking it
  • I hate not feeling like me
  • I hate that my husband doesn’t recognise me
  • I hate that I’ve put on so much weight
  • I hate that my acne is so bad
  • I can’t stand being hormonal, bloated, anxious, tired, sore for no reason ANYMORE (not to mention sweaty, greasy, hairy – yum!)
  • I hate that I cant be more excited for my friends who are having babies

I think I now understand why no one talks about trying while they are actually trying to conceive, because if you did you’d sound crazy and lets be honest most of it is just grose. But really I could use some ‘in the same boat’ stories right about now.


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